Circle Dancing *from 6th Oct*

What is Circle Dancing *from 6th Oct*?

Circle Dancing is a form of community dancing with short, simple dances from all over the world. Some dances are from ancient traditions, some are new dances to classical or contemporary music. A session includes a wide variety of dances, which can be lively and energetic or slow and reflective.

Circle Dancing *from 6th Oct* is Suitable for?

Everyone, young and old. A circle dance leader would address the age and abilities of individuals attending a session. It is an inclusive activity for a community, or can be specific to an age range. Children love circle dancing. Older dancers love being included in a community group. All are welcome and no partners are needed.


Circle Dancing benefits body and soul. It lifts the spirits. Apart from the usual healthy benefits that exercise brings, circle dance touches the parts other forms of exercise may not reach. It harmonises body, mind and emotions and creates a special relationship with fellow dancers. Circle dancing nourishes body and soul.

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With Pauline Thompson