What is Massage?

A clinical, remedial or sports massage incorporates a range of techniques including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, stretching and Thai massage.

Massage is Suitable for?

Anyone who is experiencing acute pain and tension in the back, neck, shoulders and legs or sports related injury.


Clinical massage can treat acute and chronic pain/tension, lower back, neck and shoulder problems, whiplash/cervical strain and headaches/migraine. It is a great stress buster and an effective sports massage.

Some Therapists (as detailed) incorporate additional techniques/oils suitable for relaxation.

Any day Time: By Appointment 30 Cost: from £15* Enquire Now
Extra Info:

Appointments can be booked at any time by arrangement, depending on the Therapist and type of treatment required.

*from Price subject to time & treatment (£15 for 30 minutes relates to Sports Massage) - please confirm when booking. Therapists and treatments given do vary.