Introduction to Photography

What is Introduction to Photography?

Local professional photographer David Charles Mason’s philosophy is simple:  no matter what the camera is, the fundamentals of photography are universal.  Once you have mastered the basics, you can apply them to whatever area of photography that you want to explore.  David imparts simple techniques to improve your photography and increase your confidence in using your camera, through a mixture of hands-on, lectures and live demonstrations in these fun and friendly workshops:

A Photography Introduction (Part 1)

This class will cover a broad range of topics related to basic photography principles, outlining common camera features & their use, with a mixture of theory & practical demonstrations.  It is split into two separate sessions run on separate days.  For those new to photography, it is recommended that the Part 1 class is attended first.

A Photography Introduction (Part 2 and 3)

Following on from Part 1, we look at more advanced camera functions such as histograms & exposure compensation.  Attendees are encouraged to apply the basic principles learnt, to their own cameras (with support).



Introduction to Photography is Suitable for?

Those starting out in photography or looking to get to grips with more than the auto functions on your camera, then these workshops may be for you!


Photography is an artistic and creative past-time which provides an accessible outlet that engages your brain!

Reference materials used during the lessons will be provided to participants to enable further exploration to enhance and enjoy the use of their own cameras.

Do check out David’s twice monthly Monday fun and friendly Photogroup sessions are an ideal way to share ideas and meet like minded people – do join in soon!

Tuesday Time: 10:00 120 Cost: £15 Enquire Now
Extra Info:

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