Pilates Conditioning

What is Pilates Conditioning?

Pilates is a flexible system allowing various exercises to be modified for a range of abilities. It is a whole body conditioning, and there is an emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, developing a strong core.

Pilates Conditioning is Suitable for?

A range of abilities. No muscle group is over or under worked and the range of difficulty can be increased over time.


Pilates is a whole body conditioning. helping to build long lean muscles, strength, endurance and flexibility. There is an emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment and developing a strong core. The emphasis on breathing enables oxygen to flow to the muscles, assisting in toning the abdominals, whilst back is strengthened. Pilates can also help with co-ordination and balance.

Monday Time: 11:30am 60 Cost: £5 Enquire Now
Monday Time: 12:45pm 60 Cost: £5 Enquire Now
Wednesday Time: 09:00am 60 Cost: £5 Enquire Now