Tai Chi For Arthritis

What is Tai Chi For Arthritis?

Tai Chi for Arthritis is a safe, easy to learn form of Tai Chi which has been developed as a method for relieving pain, improving mobility and health.

Tai Chi For Arthritis is Suitable for?

Almost anyone, as it can be practised sitting as well as standing.


Tai Chi gently frees up stiff joints and muscles and also helps with breathing, relaxation and stress management. Organisations including Arthritis Foundations in the USA and Australia, Arthritis Care of UK and Osteoporosis Australia are supporting it.

Thursday Time: 11:00am 50 Cost: £5 Enquire Now
Friday Time: 10:00am 50 Cost: £5 Enquire Now
Extra Info:

The cost is £5 per session.

Friday Time: 11.10am 50 Cost: £5 Enquire Now