Mark Long




An experienced Acupuncturist and Tai Chi teacher, Mark has been treating clients with acupuncture for almost 20 years, and teaching Tai Chi for many more.


Since graduating from the respected College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in 1996, Mark has travelled twice to China for further training in Chinese medical theory, advanced medical acupuncture, medical qi gong and tai chi at the Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine College and Hospital. During this time he also received 3 months of extensive teaching in qi gong and daoist meditation from Professor Zhang Xin Zhang. Mark continues to actively study and travels throughout Europe attending courses and lectures. A 1st Dan black belt in shoto-ryu style Karate since his teens, Mark has long been committed to his personal practice. These days he can often be found practising the various styles of tai chi and qi gong on Bexhill beach.