Coping with Hay Fever and Sensitivities

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Coping with Hay Fever and Sensitivities

Has it happened to you or have you heard it said “I have never suffered with Hay Fever in my life until it started a few years ago. I used to look forward to springtime but now it’s not such a happy time of year for me.

Or do you really enjoy a favourite food only to find that you feel sleepy and lacking in energy after you have eaten it?

Have you tried endless pills and potions or had numerous tests without success?

These situations often arise because our immune system is out of balance and Kinesiology could be the answer.

Kinesiology is all about balance in our body systems and this is achieved through muscle testing and correction.  Kinesiology is not a game of strength rather it is a means to check the integrity of a muscle and if it is not working properly to balance that muscle. Our bodies are very good at compensating for injuries so for example if you bang your knee which causes you to limp and it doesn’t recover in a reasonable time and you continue to limp the result may be back pain, neck pain, headaches etc. Kinesiology is an holistic treatment and works with physical, emotional and mental areas of health. It is non-invasive and quite amazing in the results it can achieve.

Muscles are affected by the food we eat, the pure still water we forget to drink, the stress we are under, the air we breathe and much more and Kinesiology can help cope with all of that. It could be that a vitamin or mineral supplement is required or that a food identified as not helpful be replaced but the main aim is to bring the body back to a happy balanced state.

Our Kinseologist Debbie King visits our Studio 2nd Friday of the month – Just call ahead to book an appointment.