Are you in possession of a ‘Carers Card’? – discounts available

March 12th, 2019 | Articles, News Posted By |

Are you in possession of a ‘Carers Card’? – discounts available

YouNique Wellbeing Studios recognises the invaluable work that informal carers do on behalf of their friends, neighbours and families and is proud to support Care for the Carers by joining the Carer’s Card discount scheme.

Participating Therapists are offering 10% off any single therapy session and £1 off an exercise class.

Nadine Searle is offering “Ultimate Calming Experience”

Sunny Bambridge is offering Aromatherapy Massage

Sally Hemmings is offering Tai Chi

Stephanie Ball is offering Shiatsu and Yoga.

Any carer wishing to take advantage of the offer can ring or email YouNique, where our receptionist will either book your therapy session, or pass your contact details to the class instructor to discuss which class is most suitable for you.

For more information about how to obtain a Carers Card please click here. This is an exclusive free scheme for unpaid carers in East Sussex.