8 Weeks Mindfulness Course, starts 4th March

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8 Weeks Mindfulness Course, starts 4th March

8 Week Mindfulness Course starts 4th March 2020

Would you like to:

Reduce Stress & Anxiety
Improve Health & Wellbeing
Manage Reactions or Responses
Improve Mood, Sleep, Health & Resilience
Gain Clarity & Concentration
Become More Self Aware
Feel Calmer
Be More Centred
Be More Emotionally Intelligent
See The Bigger Picture

Mindfulness involves both formal & informal practice.  The formal practice requires giving yourself the gift of approximately 30 minutes each day to do some form of meditation.  Initial meditation practice will last 5 minutes which will guide you gently into the art of Mindfulness.

However this leaves another twenty three and a half hours in the day and this is where the informal Mindfulness occurs as you draw on all your senses. 

You are not your thoughts or opinions, your likes or dislikes.  Once you are aware of them you no longer have to be imprisoned by them.

We all have the ability to change our brains for the better.

Scientific Research indicates that with regular Mindfulness Practice there can be many physical & psychological improvements for:

Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Worry, Depression, Substance Abuse, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Insomnia, Regulation of Blood Pressure, Self Esteem, Relationships, Sleep, General Enjoyment of Life.

Starts Wednesday 4th March, 5.30pm – 8pm at YouNique Wellbeing Studios, Windmill Drive, Bexhill, 8 Week Course including materials – £110 ( 20hrs = £5.50 per hour personal investment)

Non refundable deposit required upon booking

For further information or to book a place contact 
Julia Cox 07470 023 617 or Juliacox1@hotmail.co.uk