Code Of Conduct (Carnelian) – For Clients

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Code Of Conduct (Carnelian) – For Clients


The U.K. Government has announced that from 25th July 2020 indoor gyms, leisure centres and sports facilities can reopen, as long as strict guidelines are adhered to. With the guidelines, as set out on the website, front of mind, this ‘Code of Conduct’ has been drawn up. For reference, the specific web page is: covid-19/providers-of-grassroots-sport-and-gym-leisure-facilities

Please read on to understand how ‘we’ (YouNique Wellbeing Studios) will be adhering to these guidelines and what measures we will have in place to ensure the utmost safety of our staff, ‘instructors’ (exercise instructor, practitioner or class teacher) and clients and, in turn, how our instructors will be complying with this ‘Code of Conduct’ and their own Governing Body guidelines.

From our clients we respectfully ask that:

• For Carnelian classes (ground floor studio) – that you enter and exit the building by the front door;

• You do not attend our building if you are feeling unwell in any way, but in particular, have (or have had) a high temperature or cough within the last 2 weeks or have been in contact with someone who has;

• You shower and change at home, as no changing facilities will be available at YouNique;

• You bring all of your own exercise equipment, including water/refreshments, to each class;

• You use the hand sanitisers available on entering and leaving our building, and during class as required;

• You inform your Instructor if you develop any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19, to enable us to track and trace;

• You pay for each class, in advance, preferably via Paypal or Bacs. These details will be provided by YouNique when you book your place on the class;

• If you are unfortunate to suffer an unexpected coughing or sneezing fit, that you move outside and safely away from other people;

• If an Instructor or member of YouNique Team are concerned about safety of others we reserve the right to ask you to leave the building;

• If you do use the toilet that you carry out a sanitising process after use;

• You be respectful that time is needed to prepare the room for the next class;

• You please do not arrive too early, and that you remain outside the building observing social distancing until your Instructor invites you in.

• The Instructor to be responsible for opening and closing the door.