Colour Analysis Consultation

What is Colour Analysis Consultation?

Wear your colours with confidence…
Be confident in the knowledge that you are wearing your most flattering colours and it will have a huge positive impact not only on how you feel but also on how others perceive you; helping you to look healthier, younger and more vivacious!

By the end of this Colour Consultation, through using the ‘draping method’, Jane Mather will have determined your most flattering season of colours.

Colour Analysis Consultation is Suitable for?

This consultation is suitable for males and females, aged 18 and over.


What you will learn:

* Your skin tone (warm vs cool) and how this influences the make-up, accessories and clothing you should be wearing

* The spectrum of colours that are your most flattering (summer, autumn, winter and spring)

* How to combine different colours to achieve different looks and your ‘wow’ colours

Mon - Sat Time: By Appointment 120 Cost: £150 Contact Us
Extra Info:

The price includes a colour wallet in your season of colours.

The consultation is with Jane Mather (