Fit For Life

What is Fit For Life?

‘Fit 4 Life’ is a mix of strength work, stability work and stretching to keep us active, getting the happy hormones working and a nice way to meet other likeminded people.

‘Fit 4 Life’ is a mix of:

Strength exercises – lunges/squats/upper body etc using the chair when needed.
* The squats sitting then standing/not quite sitting but hovering then standing etc
* Gentle lunges walking around the chair
* Knee lifts holding onto the chair
* Side leg raises and so on
* Arm dips off the chair

Stretches and Movement;

Stability work – balance work to help work the core, strengthen the legs & help keep the mind focused.

Fit For Life is Suitable for?

It’s a class designed to help anyone & is especially great if wanting to have variety with what you do, just starting your fitness journey or coming back to fitness.

Thursday Time: 12.00pm 50 Cost: £6 Contact Us
Extra Info:

With Nicky Leach