Holistic Body Massage

What is Holistic Body Massage?

A Holistic Massage therapist treats the client as an individual, taking into account their emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. The treatments consist of both Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. Swedish massage is a technique to relax the entire body. It consists of long, soft gliding strokes and combines various hands-on techniques including gliding, kneading and cross-fibre friction to break up muscle knots called adhesions. Deep tissue massage is slower and the pressure is much deeper and concentrates on areas of tension and pain in order to reach the sub-layer of muscles and the fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles).

Holistic Body Massage is Suitable for?

Inducing relaxation by stimulating nerve endings in the skin. It triggers a release of endorphins, the body’s natural “feel good” chemicals and inhibiting stress hormones by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Circulation is improved, helping to supply more oxygen and nutrients to tissues and improve skin tone. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away waste products from the body that can cause pain and discomfort in muscles and joints. Massage can be used simply as “time out” for yourself or to help with specific problems. There is now considerable evidence that shows regular massage helps the relief of stress and associated symptoms such as anxiety, depression, headaches and insomnia. Holistic massage can help with: Arthritis, Asthma, Digestive Disorders, Fatigue & low energy, Frozen Shoulder, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Migraines, IBS, Joint Pain, Sprains or Stiffness, Lower Back Pain, Muscle Tension & Strains, Water Retention.

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