Natural Lift Facial Massage

What is Natural Lift Facial Massage?

Natural Lift Facial Massage offers many benefits and all without surgery. This treatment combines massage and acupressure and produces a wonderfully relaxing treatment. Areas worked on include face, neck, shoulders and upper arms.  Over time the face appears rejuvenated and wrinkles are less defined. This treatment can also work well as an instant face lift for people on the go.

Stress, pollution, modern life, and diet all contribute to aging. This causes our facial muscles to lose tone and elasticity and so they start to sag.



Natural Lift Facial Massage is Suitable for?

It works equally well for women and men.


Natural Lift Facial Massage helps to relieve tension in the face and neck giving the muscles room to relax and lift. Also potentially harmful toxins held in the face are released and blood circulation is increased.

Mon - Sat Time: By Appointment 35 Cost: £35 Contact Us
Extra Info:

With Melanie Morgan.

A Natural Lift Facial Massage treatment will typically last for around 35 to 40 minutes with the first appointment a little longer to allow time for completion of a client details form. The cost is £35 per treatment.

Please ring for further information and to book an appointment.