Sabrina Wojan


Energy Healing,Past Life Regression


Usui Teaching Reiki Master
Crystal Healing Diploma
Hypnotherapy for Past Life Regression
Indian Head Massage


From a very young age, Sabrina was drawn to spiritualism and energy work. She experimented with divination tools and learned that there was more to life than what she was able to see and what she had been told about.
Not knowing what to do with all her knowledge, her path led her from Germany to England, where she immediately attracted like-minded people and started exploring the mystical side of life.
She did her first past life regression, started buying crystals and found spiritual development classes.
Eventually a Chi Gong class trial changed her life. Her teacher demonstrated Reiki on her and only 2 minutes were enough for Sabrina to decide to change her life. Her calling in life became very clear and only a few days later she found a Reiki Master who was happy to attune her and teach her about this wonderful life force energy.
Reiki opened a lot of doors for Sabrina and now she is a qualified Teaching Reiki Master herself, but Reiki was only the beginning. She extended her knowledge and has learned many different ways to heal, balance out chakras and cleanse auras & homes.
She is also qualified in Crystal Healing, Indian Head Massage and offers Past Life Regressions.

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