Stephanie Ball




Stephanie graduated from the Shiatsu College in Hastings in 2014 and is a member of the Shiatsu Society.


Stephanie graduated from the Shiatsu College in Hastings in 2014 after completing the designated course of
study in both the theory and practice of Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Shiatsu works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and through studying Shiatsu Stephanie has
developed a foundation of spiritual awareness and practice. Shiatsu isn’t just a job to her, it’s a way of life.
It has changed and enhanced the way she views the world and other people, especially with regards to health.
Traditional Chinese Medicine, which Shiatsu stems from, looks at the world holistically and in terms of the
relationship between people and their environment, which gives a far greater understanding than looking at
symptoms as a separate entity. It gets to the root cause of the issue, something which particularly appeals
to her and, she would imagine, anyone who wants to take control of their health. As a Shiatsu therapist
Stephanie has been trained to read the body's energy and tailor the treatment according to what the body needs.
The presenting problem of tension or discomfort is only half of the story - there is also an underlying imbalance
which needs addressing, and this is what makes Shiatsu so unique, powerful and holistic.

Stephanie is available at various times throughout the week. Please ring to enquire.

Stephanie has also qualified as a yoga teacher and specializes in Meridian Yoga, a fusion of shiatsu theory and yoga. This gives her an enhanced knowledge of energy pathways in the body, leading to an intuitive approach.
Yoga isn’t so much an activity that we do, but a way of supporting the mind and body to “undo the doing” and let go of stress and tension, using the breath and mindful awareness of our connection to gravity. Through our yoga practice we develop an intimate knowledge of ourselves, and through reflection a deep understanding and appreciation. Yoga transforms us.